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Video Transcription

Brooks: What’s going on, guys? I hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Here in the panhandle or the tri-state area, it got scorching hot over the last few days. Looks like we’re going to actually experience a nice heavy thunderstorm here in just a little while.

Guys, hey, my name is Brooks with YNP Home solutions. We are a local family-owned house buying company right here in your backyard. We buy properties all across the tri-state, and particular and specific areas are Washington County, Maryland, that’s Hagerstown, Smithsburg, Clear Spring, all of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Chambersburg, Waynesboro areas. And all of Berkeley County, West Virginia.

And I wanted to do a quick little video today. We are actually heading to closing. That’s right. We’re heading to help another seller here in the tri-state. This particular property was in Gerrardstown. We’ve been doing a lot of business in Gerrardstown, West Virginia lately, so kudos to that. If you’re looking to sell out there in Gerrardstown, make sure you give us a call. We’ll provide the information, and the phone number, and the contact points for you at the end of this video.

But anyway, guys, what I’m excited about is this business just is so fulfilling. Today we’re heading to closing. Unfortunately, the seller isn’t available, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing. So I won’t be getting a video testimonial. Hopefully they’ll be able to do one. Just write their own testimonial, send it in, however they want to do that. That’s fine with us. And even if they don’t put a testimonial, no worries at all.

But what I’m getting at is the seller has already started their new life, right? The property was a burden to them. They were ready to spread their wings, and fly, and do what they want to do for the rest of their life. And they’ve already embarked on their journey. That is what I’m excited about and what kind of gives me goosebumps today as I’m heading here to closing. While I’m excited about every closing that we’re able to get to, it makes me more excited to be able to share with you those types of things, right?

So if you’ve pondered the idea of selling a property or maybe you’ve been a landlord and you have that burden, that weight that’s wearing you down. The tenants … It’s just become to the point or got to the point where you’re tired of dealing with all of that. The maintenance, the repairs, the phone calls, the property management company. Just whatever it looks like for you. Maybe you’ve moved out of state and you’ve become a landlord by accident. It was never your intentions, right? And now all of a sudden while you’re trying to live your life with your family in your new location, your new job, and you have this property back at your previous location that’s just wearing you out. It happens. It happens, guys. Life happens.

But just know that you don’t have to let that weight you down. You don’t have to let that burden stay on your back. There are options. Whether you use a company like ours, YNP Home Solutions that is going to provide you many different options or you go with a real estate agent, just know that you have options. You don’t have to let the worst case situation or the worst case scenario turn into reality for you.

I get the situation a lot where people owe back taxes on their property and they’ll let it go all the way to the point where either the city or municipality takes it back due to back taxes or it gets sold for pennies on the dollar at tax sale. You have so many options before that ever takes place. Reach out. Give us a call. We’re here to help you guys. We’re here to provide solutions. That’s what we do. That’s what we do. We provide solutions to sellers across the tri-state area who are dealing with a variety of different situations and are looking to liquidate or sell a property. You don’t even have to have a problem. Okay? You don’t even need to have a problem. Okay, maybe it’s just you don’t want to list on the MLS. You just don’t want to fix the few things that need fixed up. You don’t want people going [inaudible 00:04:18] through your house or walking through the property. You don’t want to take the time to go through the list process. You just want to sell it in 30 days or less and be done with it. That’s predominantly what most people are after.

But anyway, I’m going over and a little long winded here today. But I’m on our way to closing and I’m excited about that because we get to help another seller here in the tri-state. And what really, really gets me juiced up is that they’re already experiencing their best life now. They’re able to put this problem property behind them and they’re out doing what they want to do now, without the burden.

Guys, if you have a property and you need to sell and you’re in Maryland, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania, give us a call at YNP Home Solutions today. Don’t delay. Don’t wait till it’s too late, till the bank owns your property, or it’s been sold at tax sale and someone else owns the tax certificate now, and it’s just that many more loop holds to go through. Or that next tenant just destroys your property to the max and you’re just like, “This is it.” Don’t wait, give us a call. We’ll come out, take a look at the property, and we’ll provide you with a no obligation hassle free offer. You don’t have to say yes to it, or commit to it, or anything like that, right? And you can at least see where you stand.

Okay, guys. My name’s Brooks. I’m with YNP Home Solutions. We’re that local house buying company that’s sitting in your backyard. We’re here to help you provide solutions and buy properties. Call us today. 240-244-3953. Again, that’s 240-244-3953. Go to our website, Fill out a short form there on the website. We’ll have our team members will contact you, will go over some questions with you. If we feel we’re a fit, we’ll move onto step two where we’ll schedule that appointment, come out and see you at your house, and we might just be here at the closing table with you next.

All right, I’m signing off. You can reach us again, 240-244-3953 or online at YNP Home Solutions. We are your local house buyer, providing solutions to sellers throughout the tri-state is what we do. Take care, guys.

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