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Video Transcription

Brooks: Hey everybody, it’s Brooks with YNP Home Solutions, we’re your local house buyer here in the tri-state. We’re going to continue our 10-part video series of the top 10 questions that we’re asked on a regular basis when we meet with sellers here in our market. So today’s topic is my house is full of clutter, maybe it’s a hoarder house, maybe you inherited it from your mom or your father and all of their belongings are still left in the property. And the question is, are you still able to purchase it, are you still interested in purchasing a property like that? The simple answer is very much so yes, we’re interested in purchasing the property.

If you’re able to clean a property out, all the better. We certainly would want for you to go through and take any belongings that maybe have some sentimental value, but if they’re things that are just trash and you don’t want to deal with them, we will dispose of them when we go ahead and purchase the property. Absolutely. We will buy the property regardless of whether it’s full of clutter or if it’s completely cleaned out, does not matter to us.

It may impact the price. Everything may have an impact on price, just know that. If the house is completely full from one end of the home to the other end of the home, completely full of things, it’s definitely going to impact our cash offer, for sure. Because, number one we can’t see everything, right. We can’t visually get our eyes on everything, so that means we have to go through and as we’re emptying the house out, things may come up that we didn’t notice when we were initially doing our due diligence.

Also the cost of dumpster fees to throw things away is not cheap. And, if it’s a house full of things, it certainly isn’t cheap. Yes, we’re interested, and yes, we will continue to buy the property regardless if it’s full of trash, full of old personal belongings that you’re not interested in keeping, we’ll still buy the property. It will impact our price.

I hope that helps guys, leave a comment, questions below. Subscribe to the channel, make sure you go to or call us directly if you have a property. Maybe you know someone that has a property that they need to sell, they don’t want to go the traditional route of listing the property. They don’t want to fix it up, whatever it looks like for them. Maybe they have a property that is in very nice condition and the mortgage is a little high, they owe too much, and they can’t sell it. Give us a call on those types of properties, as well. It’s 240-244-3953. Again guys, Brooks here with YNP Home Solutions, hope you guys have a great weekend and we will continue this series on Monday. Take care.

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