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Sell House Fast Martinsburg WV | CALL 240-244-3953 | We Buy Houses Fast | YNP Home Solutions
Video Transcription

Brooks: Hi everybody, Brooks, YNP Home Solutions. I’m here at a property that we recently purchased in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I wanted to continue our video series here on YouTube of the top 10 questions I get from sellers when we meet them at their properties or maybe even when we’re on the phone with them and they’re interested in us coming out to prepare an offer or maybe purchasing their house for cash. So today’s topic is my house needs repairs. It needs some cleaning. Are you guys still interested in it? Are you still able to give me an offer for the property or are you still able to pay cash for it?

The answer to the question is very, very simple guys. The answer is yes, yes, and yes. We expect the property to need repairs. We expect it to sometimes need a lot of repairs. How much? Varies per property. If your property doesn’t need any repairs, all the better. We still may be able to do a deal. It just depends on what you’re looking to accomplish, really. Are you looking to sell this property quickly for cash or do you want us to rent it back from you on a lease option? What are you looking to accomplish? That’s the main goal. That’s what we’re striving to do. Are we a good fit for you and does what we offer work for you? That’s the goal. So yes, we’ll buy it. If it needs repairs, one tidbit on that, the level of repairs can be what stops us from purchasing or being able to purchase your property. That would be what prevents us from moving forward. Okay?

Not that it needs repairs. Like I said before, we expect that. However, I’m going to give you an example here. If your property is worth fixed up say $100,000, okay? Everything’s done, clean, nice, move in ready. And we’re on the phone with you or we come out and we meet you at your property and you are after 85,000 for it. That’s your bottom line. You want $85,000 cash and you’re not going to take a penny less. After we do our walk around and we do our due diligence and we determine that the property’s scope of work is going to be an excess of $20,000. This example, we’re over $100,000 all in. With repairs and your purchase price, we’re at 105. At that level it doesn’t make sense for us. We can’t make that work from a numbers standpoint and we won’t try to, so in that case we wouldn’t be able to buy your property.

Now if you want it to do something creative, we can certainly try that avenue. That’s where we don’t give you all the cash up front. But for a cash deal, the numbers have to work and they have to work from day one, meaning the repairs plus what it’s worth at the end. We have to have some spread in there. Okay? What else I hear from a lot of sellers is, “Hey, my house is a mess, not only does it need repairs, but it needs a lot of cleaning. Is that going to matter? Do I need to stop everything I’m doing and clean up the house before you come?”

Answer is no, you don’t have to clean the property. We are not concerned with the mess. We understand life happens and that’s why you call a company like us. That’s what we offer. Speed, convenience. We look past all of those things that stand out to you. We don’t see those. We see repairs and does it make sense from a numbers standpoint. That’s it. Period. Okay? If what we offer works for you, we’ll move forward. If it doesn’t, we won’t. That’s as simple as it is. So guys, I hope that helps you. I hope that answers some of your questions and concerns. We certainly expect repairs when we come out to see the property. Don’t worry about cleaning. Okay?

So I’m Brooks with YNP Home Solutions. We’re a local house buying company here in the tri-state area. I’m in Martinsburg today at a property that we recently purchased. We like Martinsburg, we buy in the surrounding areas as well. Hagerstown, Maryland, and the surrounding cities there, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Waynesboro, Greencastle area.

So if you’re looking to sell your property quick for cash, hassle free, give us a call, 240-244-3953. Someone from our team will get on the phone with you. We’ll schedule a time to come out and meet you at the property, present you with a no obligation, hassle free offer. If it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, no sweat either. So yeah, that’s our company. That’s the answer to number two question, “Do I need to fix up the property?” So be looking out for video number three. We’re going to do these consecutively for 10 days. So question number three will come up tomorrow. Take care guys. Have a great day.

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