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Sell House Fast Martinsburg WV | CALL 240-244-3953 | YNP Home Solutions | "Whats the Process"
Video Transcription

Brooks: Hey good morning guys, it’s Brooks here with YNP Home Solutions. We’re your local house buyer here in the tri-state area. Today I want to continue our 10 part video series of the top 10 questions that we are asked on a regular basis when sellers contact us that they have a property they’re looking to sell. So today’s topic or question number five is, what is the process? So this is very simple and it’s the same every single time.

Number one, it starts with a conversation. You’ve reach out to us either on the phone, email, text, that you have a property that you’re interested in selling. So we will start with a phone conversation, ask you some questions about your situation, what you’re looking to do, your timeframe, the condition of the property and those types of things.

Once we get through that part, we’ll schedule a time to meet you at the property. Myself or someone from my team will come out to the property, we’ll ask you some more questions just to get a sense if what you shared with us earlier is in fact, accurate. We want to make sure that your time frame, what you’re looking to accomplish fits within what we’re looking to do as well. So that way we have a great win win opportunity for us both.

If we get past that point, we’ll present you with an all cash offer on the spot, either email or right there, face to face. You can take a look at the offers that we’ve presented to you. If one of them work or if maybe multiple of the offers work for you, we’ll narrow it down that fits the best and we’ll get the agreement signed, we’ll send it over to our title company and then can start to do their thing, which is we’re starting to look for any type of liens, taxes, etc, that may cloud the title.

While they’re doing that part, we’re going to go on and move to the next step for us, which is doing our due diligence on the property. We’re going to come out, we’re going to have some of our trades people… We’ll probably bring a home inspector, depending on what we see at the property,  if we have some questions about things that maybe are a little over our scope of knowledge, we’ll bring a home inspector possibly. But we’re going to be very, very active at your house over the next week or so to get all of our own due diligence done.

Once we’re completed and we’ve done our own homework, if everything is good, we’ll get the green light and we’ll go ahead and tell escrow, let’s proceed to closing. If for some reason something comes up that are going to prevent us from moving forward, we will contact you, let you know that and maybe we have to alter our agreement in some facet to get us to the closing table or maybe it’s a point where we cancel the contract. Maybe the scope of work was just too much, it’s going to cost too much and remember, we are investors, so we have to do this for a profit, whether we’re making it on a resale, cash flow or both.

But if we move past that point and we’re continuing down the road then we just schedule a closing data that fits your schedule, that you can be there. You show up at closing, we pay all the closing cost. You walk from closing with a check and the property behind you and then you can go and refer your friends to YNP Home Solutions as the local house buying company in their area and maybe we can help them out as well.

So that’s our process from start to finish, very straight forward. We try to keep it simple and the same very single time. That way there’s no questions, we know exactly what we’re getting into and you do as well.

So guys, I appreciate your time today. I hope this was helpful for you. There are some deviations from that, depending on each deal is a little different, but our process is very much the same.

So you can leave your comments, questions below. You can reach out to us on Facebook, Y and P home solutions, give us a call if you have a property that you’re looking to sell, you’d like for us to come out, take a look at, 240-244-3953 and definitely go to the web, Yes, that pretty much covers all bases, I appreciate your guy’s time. Be sure to check back in tomorrow, like this video, subscribe to the channel and we’ll go over question number six tomorrow.

Take care guys. Thanks.

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