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Brooks Everline: What’s up, guys? How we doing today on this, what Tuesday? Is it Tuesday here in the Tri-state? It is supposed to be frigid cold out over the next few days. The kids are getting out of school. Everything’s going crazy. Anyway, hey, in case we haven’t met before, my name’s Brooks Everline. I run a local real estate investment company here in the Tri-state area, YNP Home Solutions. We’re a cash buyer, local house buyer, right here in your area. If you have a property that you’re looking to sell quickly for cash, or maybe it’s something that you’ve recently moved out of, you don’t want to be a landlord and you have this vacant property, reach out to give us a call. We’ll see if we have a solution that might fit your needs. We’re all about serving you guys as the public, and we’re all about buying real estate in a variety of different ways.

If this is the first time you’re tuning in, though, guys we’re going to talk about something that comes up regularly today, the pros and cons of selling your property with a real estate agent versus an investment company like ourselves, okay? Because there are some differences, all right? So the question comes up quite often. I hear it from sellers on a regular basis. So Sally is my friend. She’s a local agent down at the local real estate investment company here. I’m sorry, the agency, the local realtor agency. And she said that I can get $150,000 for my property. Why is your offer so low? Why is your cash offer so low?

Well, this comes up regularly, guys, and we have to deal with this on, like I said, a much, it’s a regular basis, and the answer is very clear cut and simple. We are offering you a quick solution to your problem, okay? And maybe you don’t have a problem, and that’s when you would go with a realtor. But for us, we’re going to offer you speed and convenience, okay? We’re going to pay the closing cost for you and us. We’re going to buy it as is, even though it may need some repairs or some fixing up. I doubt that your realtor’s going to come in and fix the house up for you so you can list it and get top dollar. If you do have one that does that for you, please let me know. I want to reach out to them, as well, because I want them listing and fixing our properties up, so we don’t have to do that.

But that is the clear cut answer. So if Sally, the agent, can get you $150,000 for a house, for your house that needs a little bit of work and some fixing up, and our offer is, I don’t know, say 80 or 70, the reason that it is that way is because we’re going to resell the property. We’re going to fix it up. We’re going to pay the closing cost up front. So we’re going to incur costs that your real estate agent isn’t going to incur, and we’re going to close it within 30 days, sometimes even sooner than that, sometime as little as 15 or 10 days, okay? And I highly doubt that that’s going to happen for you on the MLS. It certainly could. There’s no crystal ball here. But I doubt that your property’s going to close within 15 days on the MLS that needs repair, okay? At market value, all right.

While it may happen, I seriously doubt it. With us, we buy it where we say we’re going to be at, and we close it at that price. No more [inaudible 00:03:00] and bickering back and forth. If it’s $100,000 that we’ve stroke at, and that fits, and we’ve done our due diligence, and we can buy it at 100, that’s where we’re going to buy it at. If it’s worth 200, that’s because we need to put 20, 30, 40 some cases, thousand dollars into your property to get it to be able to sell at market, so we can maybe make 20, $30,000 on it. Our business is for profit. We are real estate investors, so our offer is always going to be low as a cash offer. It will not be what you can get on the open market.

If you’re looking for, why would I use an investment firm or an investment company or a house buyer like yours, the reason is simple. It’s you need speed and convenience, and you don’t want to fix up the property. Or maybe it was inherited and you have two siblings that live in other states, and just dealing with that mess has got you just completely overwhelmed. That’s when our company comes in, and we’re able to offer that quick solution. That’s why we buy at a discount, that plus we need to profit.

I hope that helps you guys to understand a little bit better about why, if Sally, the realtor, says she can sell your property at 150 on the open market, and our offer is say, 75, that’s the reason for the big difference. Now, those are just generic numbers. I’m not using anything set in stone. I’m just giving you ballpark. If we say $75,000 for your property Sally can sell for 150, that’s because we have to put closing cost in there. I’m sure there’s a huge repair list that we’re going to be doing to bring it up to market. Then we need to sell it. We’ll have our own real estate commissions to pay, and we have employees to pay.

It’s all business. We have to be able to profit, but we offer the speed and convenience to you. So when you use us, you’re discounting your property for the speed and convenience that you can collect that quick cash and move on. Anyway guys, I’m Brooks with YNP Home Solutions. We are the local house buyer right here in the Tri-state. We buy in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, all of Washington County and Frederick County of Maryland, and also Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

If you need to sell your property or you know someone who needs to sell their property, or like I said, maybe they’ve recently moved and it’s sitting vacant and they don’t want to pay two mortgages anymore, be sure to reach out to us directly. You can reach us at 240-244-3953. Again, that’s 240-244-3953. Be sure to comment below on this video. Let me know where you calling in from or you’re commenting in from. That certainly helps, and make sure you subscribe to the videos so you know when other videos popup.

We are your local house buyer here. If you need to sell quickly for cash, give us a call, YNP Home Solutions. You can reach us on the web or Facebook or wherever you like. Anyway, thank you so much guys. I hope you have a great day, and that completes our video series. I know it took some time to complete this last video, but like I said, it was Christmas rush, had a lot of things going on. But now it’s done. We’re ready to buy into 2019. Give us a call, guys. Take care.

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